The Kavanaugh Hearings, Revisited

Republicans will never give up following the Trump tactic of using lies and slander against their opponents. A Trumpist recently commented in an Internet forum that Christine Blasey Ford had lied when she testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh had sexually attacked her.

IndieDems comment:

If Kavanaugh lies, he becomes a Supreme Court Justice, with a guaranteed life time job, a good salary, and professional security protection paid for by the American taxpayer.

If Ford lies, she becomes unemployed for life, saddled with immense legal fees, and she and her family become subject to threats of violence, forcing them to move periodically, and she has to pay for all of this out of her own pocket.

And this very average, unassuming woman, who has avoided the limelight all her years, decides to upend her life in order to appear before Congress and tell lies about Brett Kavanaugh?

It takes a depraved, warped, twisted mentality to reach that conclusion.

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