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Trump’s National Emergency: Right Out of Hitler’s Reichstag Fire Playbook

“The term ‘Reichstag fire’ has come to refer to false flag actions perpetrated or facilitated by an authority to promote their own interests through popular approval of retribution or retraction of civil rights.”  —Wikipedia

“Joseph Goebbels would undoubtedly thrive in Trump’s world.” –IndieDems

I said practically from day one of Donald Trump’s announcement of his presidential bid that his rise to power was a mirror image of Hitler’s rise to power in the 1930s. The lies, the demagoguery, the narcissism, the empty threats and posturing, the bullying, the racism, the incitement to violence–all were right out of the Nazi playbook.

And two years in which Trump’s unending display of lies and demagoguery causes the Republican base and Republican leaders to swoon ever more over this vulgar bully shows that my only mistake was underestimating the extent to which Republicans would eagerly rally behind a neo-Nazi demagogue.

I mean, not even I would have predicted Trump’s praise for neo-fascists in a Nazi-inspired torch-light parade marching through Charlottesville chanting “Jews will not replace us” as the shining proof of Trump as the incarnation of Adolph Hitler—or the members of the Republican Party accepting Trump’s moral depravity as their new norm for acceptable behavior.

I am not talking about the madman Hitler in his bunker as the trains shuttled millions to their murder. I’m talking about the Hitler who began his rise to power in the mid-1920s and was LEGALLY appointed Chancellor in 1932.

  • The Hitler who, four years later, had his image burnished by having Berlin as the site of the Olympics and who presided over the ceremonies as just another normal world leader.
  • The Hitler who was honored by having Charles Lindberg travel to Berlin to proudly receive Hitler’s medal for his praise of the Nazis’ great achievements for Germany.

Sound familiar? Think of David Perdue, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham bending over to kiss Trump’s behind, every day.

By now, a cacophony of prominent voices have joined those of us who warned about Trump as Hitler. Here are a selective few; do a Google search to view many more:

And now, Trump’s use of lies to declare a National Emergency is right out of Hitler’s playbook of using the Reichstag fire as a phony issue to rally his base and burnish his credentials as his country’s savior.

An arsonist or arsonists set fire to the Reichstag, the home of Germany’s parliament, on February 27, 1933, just four weeks after Hitler became Chancellor. A known Communist, Marinus van der Lubbe, was quickly arrested and charged with setting the fire, followed later by the arrest of three other Communists. At their trial, only van der Lubbe was found guilty, but historians to this day disagree as to whether he acted alone.

The Reichstag fire played a pivotal role in consolidating Hitler’s still shaky hold on the levers of power. Regardless of ultimate truth, Hitler exploited the fire as a pretext to depict his enemies as traitors and to severely limit Germans’ civil rights. Wikipedia:

“The day after the fire, at Hitler’s request, President Hindenburg signed the Reichstag Fire Decree into law…the Decree suspended most civil liberties in Germany, including habeas corpus, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, the right of free association and public assembly, the secrecy of the post and telephone. These rights were not reinstated during Nazi reign. The decree was used by the Nazis to ban publications not considered “friendly” to the Nazi cause.”

“The term Reichstag fire has come to refer to false flag actions perpetrated or facilitated by an authority to promote their own interests through popular approval of retribution or retraction of civil rights.”

Need I say more?

–Tom Barksdale
February 20, 2019

The Tentacles of Trump/Republican Racism Reach Far

Substitute teacher in NC reveals herself as exemplar of Republican know-nothing bigotry

News article:

‘She was trying to put us black kids down’: Sub resigns after class says she spread MLK conspiracy theory

(Summary) A substitute fifth-grade teacher in North Carolina berated a black student for his clothing and made other outlandish remarks — invoking President Trump and religion before falsely telling students the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. committed suicide.

IndieDems Comment:

Question of the day: if Donald Trump can base his entire illegal immigration policy on a pack of bald-faced lies and talk about Hispanic migrants the way Hitler talked about the Jews; make 7,000 other false or misleading statements during his two years as President; run an election campaign based on a flagrant appeal to race-mongering; regularly use ethnic slurs in his public utterances; incite his followers to violence—

And still be considered by the Republican Party as fit to be President and still be considered a good Christian by the Christian leaders who invited him to be the main speaker at a ceremony observing the national day of prayer,

why would it surprise anyone that one of his yahoo followers, on duty as a substitute teacher, would use her platform to speak flagrant racism and to tell lies about Martin Luther King?

Give the teacher A+ for honesty: she revealed herself as a pluperfect example of what it really means to be a Republican and a Christian in current America. These Republicans/Christians have taken us back before the days of the Civil Rights revolution of the 1960s, back to the darkest days of segregation when the KKK was considered a mainstream movement whose members were the earthly servants of Jesus Christ.

The teacher was simply reflecting the mentality of Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Brett Kavanaugh, and every elected Republican. Why was she fired while these other racists still hold office?

Senator Isakson Breaks with Trump, Backs Democratic Bill on Shutdown

Credit Where Credit Is Due–However Temporary It Might Be

Senator Johnny Isakson on Thursday broke with his Republican colleagues and joined five other Republican Senators to vote for a Democratic-backed bill designed to end the 34-day government shutdown brought about by President Trump’s imposing the closure as blackmail to try to force Congress to pay for building a wall on our southern border.

The bill was one of two voted on by the Senate aimed at ending the impasse over the partial government shutdown. Both were known to be dead on arrival but the vote was considered necessary to signal an end to any prospect Trump would get his way on a demand for $5 billion to start construction and pave the way for serious negotiations to appropriate funds to allow government agencies to resume operations.

The vote on the Democrats’ bill was 52 to 44, short of the 60 votes needed to pass.

The vote on the Trump-backed bill was 50 to 47, meaning, the Democratic bill got more votes than the Republican one.

Media reports say Isakson had expressed frustration about the human toll of the 34-day shutdown and had announced plans to work with a bipartisan group to find a way out of the impasse.

In IndieDems’ opinion, a strong incentive for Isakson to come out against the shutdown derived from the toll it was taking on one of his major corporate constituents: Delta Airlines. And a unique event reinforced his concern: the Super Bowl scheduled to be played in Atlanta on February 3. Screwed-up air traffic and a royal mess getting Super Bowl fans into and out of Atlanta airport was the last thing Isakson wanted.

The profits of Delta Airlines and the NFL owners probably provided Isakson more reason to go against Trump than the combined suffering of 800,000 federal workers, their families, and the federal contractors and small businesses who were also taking a hit from the fallout of the shutdown.

But for now, let’s give the Senator the benefit of the doubt. He did the right thing. Maybe the disaster of Trump’s shutdown will prod Isakson to move away from his lapdog support for Trump and adopt a more independent position in which the interests of the average Georgian, not Donald Trump’s orders, guide Isakson’s decision-making.

Republican Governance: It Just Keeps Getting Worse

Donald Trump’s Administration and the Republican Party–yes, the whole damn Party–have produced such a disaster, for IndieDems to bother to even marshal a critical commentary gives the Republicans more than their due.  A recitation of the bare facts suffices. Below, a mere 48 hours of media reports and commentary that show the depths to which Trump’s Republicans have taken us.

As you read, remember: this is what Georgia Republicans consider good government that is going to make America great again. Here is the level of ignorance, willful blindness, and immorality that define the hearts and souls of Johnny Isakson, David Perdue, Barry Loudermilk, Brian Kemp, et al.

The shabbiest U.S. president ever is an inexpressibly sad specimen
By George Will

Trump Lays Wreath at Brief Visit to Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial
The visit lasted less than two minutes and had not been listed on his public schedule. He made it only after civil rights leaders had criticized his indifference

Government Shutdown Takes GA GOP Leaders’ Moral and intellectual Bankruptcy to New Heights

To no one’s surprise, Georgia’s Republican Congressional delegation has rallied behind the pack of lies Donald Trump is spouting to trample all over democratic values, the rule of law, and common human decency to use blackmail to try to get his way on building a border wall that no one wants and will do nothing to solve our illegal immigration problem.

In the process, people like Senators Johnny Isakson and David Perdue and Representative Barry Loudermilk have taken their contempt for the average American to new heights of cruelty by shutting down the federal government, leaving federal workers with no way to pay for food, clothing, and shelter for their families—or for critical, and even life-saving, medical care.

Also threatened are other critical government services, like airport security and the air traffic control system. Government contractors and Americans who make a living servicing Americans using government facilities—like our national parks—share the burden.

Given the flood of media reporting, IndieDems will not waste time and words writing a whole new, independent summary of the shutdown and its implications. We’ll provide links to the flood of media reports that accomplish that task.

Trump’s Lies that “Justify” the Wall and the Shutdown

Georgia Republicans Support the Lies and the Cruelty—with Relish

Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

We reported earlier that Georgia’s Republican contingent in D.C. was holding firm on the shutdown and Trump’s insistence that Congress…include $5.7 billion in funding as a first installment for a beefed-up physical barrier along the U.S.-Mexico border.

  • Senator David Perdue said: “This is a new day and a new issue and the president is trying to deal with something that Congress will not give him a solution for.” Perdue has been Trump’s champion in the U.S. Senate.
  • In the House, U.S. Rep. Doug Collins, R-Gainesville, is poised to become another Trump champion. Collins is the ranking GOP member of the chamber’s judiciary committee.

Perdue earlier had written a paean to Trump in one of the most sycophantic propaganda pieces ever written—attacking newly-elected Senator from Utah Mitt Romney for criticizing Trump! Perdue sounds like Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels praising Hitler.

Prominent conservatives disagree with Perdue and support Romney.

Perdue also tweeted:

“The Democrats’ idea of compromise is, ‘give us what we want first… then we will negotiate to give you what you are asking for.’ That’s not how negotiations work in the real world and they know it.”

Senator Johnny Isakson: Newsletter:

“On Tuesday evening, the president addressed the nation regarding the resources needed to secure our Southwest border. I appreciate the seriousness of the situation and appreciate President Trump’s urgency in addressing it.”

But Isakson at least has qualms about a Trump declaration of a national emergency:

“I have a lot of trouble with any one person having that much power without a check and a balance, even in a crisis,” Isakson said. “I’m not (universally) opposed (to) it, but I’m also not without reservation for it until I know how much power it’s going to grant. And if it’s solely one individual, I want to know how they’re going to execute it.”

Isakson has also reintroduced a bill in the Senate which would permanently prevent future federal government shutdowns. He calls it the End Government Shutdowns Act. “It is wrong to continue the constant threat of a government shutdown.”

How Isakson can support the current shutdown while  condemning shutdowns in general, we leave to the Senator to explain.

IndieDems Comment

Wow. David Perdue, the coward who shivers in fear of Donald Trump, delivers a round house blow against Democrats. A gratuitous insult from one of Trump’s most slavish lapdogs, an avid apostle of Trump’s agenda of lying as a way of life. How can anyone negotiate with a congenital liar, the same person who has broken his word several times on the immigration issue?

Two weeks ago, Isakson and Perdue—along with all but two GOP senators—voted for the same deal the Democrats have on the table now, and Perdue, Isakson, and Trump now oppose.

Never forget: what the shutdown shows is the utter disregard of the affluent white males who control the Republican Party—this morally bankrupt minority of Americans—of any form of life that is not like them. They share the heartlessness of Communists & Nazis.

Perdue, Isakson, and the other white male Republicans who hold 90 percent of Senate seats gave not a damn about Trump’s:

  • Setting up concentration camps for children
  • Supporting laws that would deny Americans basic health care
  • Using racial slurs
  • Calling women bimbos, dogs, or fat, or bragging about sexually assaulting them
  • Mocking a handicapped person
  • Praising neo-Nazi demonstrators.
  • Calling foreign countries shitholes
  • Letting Kanye West use the Oval Office as a platform to say words like “motherfucker” and “shit.”
  • Lying about Obama’s place of birth, or his making 7,000 other false or misleading statements in the 2 years of his presidency
  • Inciting his followers to violence.
  • Approving calling his own daughter a piece of ass.

Senators Isakson and Perdue: Jesus says do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The man you most admire, Trump, has said all the above. Do you and Trump have fun spitting in Jesus’ face?

Senators Isakson and Perdue, how have you missed ever hearing about the 10 Commandments? God forbids bearing false witness and committing adultery. Trump does both with bravado. Your supine support for Trump mean’s you endorse trampling God’s commandments underfoot. Are you atheists?

Never forget: what the shutdown shows is the utter disregard of the affluent white males who control the Republican Party—this morally bankrupt minority of Americans—of any form of life that is not like them. They share the heartlessness of Communists & Nazis.

A better All-American analogy: the heartlessness of slaveowners and segregationists. Gerrymandering and the anti-democratic Senate have given Republicans power grossly disproportionate to their numbers. They’re wielding it like a tribal third-world backwater dictatorship.

The Republican masses now rally behind Trump and GOP Congressional leaders the way the German masses rallied behind Hitler and the Nazis.

The crueler and more vindictive Trump and his henchmen become, the louder the Republican masses shout their approval.

The Horrendous Impact of Trump’s Deregulated Rapacious Capitalism

And Georgia Republicans like Senators Johnny Isakson and David Perdue, Representative Barry Loudermilk, and governor-elect Brian Kemp could not give less of  tinker’s damn.
On the American Worker

Recent headline:

As a grocery chain is dismantled, investors recover their money. Worker pensions are short millions.

Here is Republican capitalism in full flower. A business goes bankrupt. Corporate owners and executives take their share of the money and run—leaving workers holding the bag. Another example of the truth of the old cliché: Republicans believe in socialism for the rich, and capitalism for the middle class and the poor. In other words, for the rest of us.

And, of course, this type of government and corporate culture has reached new heights under the Trump/Isakson Administration. This is what Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and Johnny Isakson have devoted their political lives to achieving: the ability of corporate America to achieve more and more wealth while leaving less and less for the rest of us—with as little government regulation and taxes as possible.

Remember Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate in 2012? This is exactly how he made his millions.

The ugly demise of the Marsh Supermarket chain is what Republicans are applauding when they praise Trump’s success in doing away with government regulation. Maximizing corporate America’s opportunity to treat average Americans like specks of dust while minimizing the average American’s ability to do anything about gladdens Republicans’ hearts and souls. It lies at the core of the Republican assertion that the smaller the role of government, the better off America will be.

On Our Health

Americans will not only suffer the consequences of rapacious Republican capitalism as it produces a greater and greater inequality of wealth. It fuels the Republican effort to undermine and ultimately do away with Obamacare, thereby lowering Americans’ medical care. The most horrendous impact will be on Americans’ health, as Trump’s rollback of EPA regulations pours more and more pollution into the environment—all for the sole purpose of enriching corporate profits, especially for the coal industry.

And looming overall is Trump and his yahoo Republicans’ denial that climate change is a problem, based on their abandonment of scientific facts. Good news: Republicans like Trump and Senator Isakson are becoming increasingly isolated on this issue, as shown in the latest Wall St. Journal/NBC poll: Polling: Consensus Emerges in Climate Change Debate.  The most significant finding:

What more about Republicans needs to be said?

Read More:

Trump’s environmental policies could lead to an extra 80,000 deaths

New E.P.A. Plan Could Free Coal Plants to Release More Mercury Into the Air

Trump Rule Would Limit E.P.A.’s Control Over Water Pollution

 Trump adds to his ruinous policies on pollution

What These Medical Journals Don’t Reveal: Top Doctors’ Ties to Industry

What Do GA Republicans Look for in a President? Liar/racist/xenophobe/sexist/immoral/Etc.

After two years, the words spoken by normal Americans to respond to Trump’s daily assault on truth, honor, civility, and America’s basic moral and democratic values risk sounding like clichés, out of sheer repetition. To help add variety, Indie Dems thought it would help if we compiled a list of many of the words that have been used to describe him, from which to pick and choose on any one day.

As you read, remember: these words describe the qualities that Georgia Republicans look for in choosing a president. A person whom these words accurately describe is the type of person people like Senators Johnny Isakson and David Perdue, and Representatives Barry Loudermilk and Karen Handel, eagerly support as their president and want to be re-elected.

Words to Describe Donald Trump

Liar – congenital liar – serial liar – racist – xenophobe – sexist – misogynist – bully – demagogue – serial adulterer – incompetent – narcissistic – hedonistic – amoral – immoral – unhinged – uncivil – hypocrite – fraud – morally and intellectually bankrupt – nepotism – coward – erratic – impulsive – hysterical – inciter of violence – crude – cruel – caravan of chaos – chaotic – chaos-creating – corrupt – corrosive – malfeasance – dishonest – non-functioning – no decency – indecent – unprincipled -no honor – no shame – shameless – vulgar – venal – boorish – coarse – selfish – undignified – slanderous – uninformed – anti-democratic – anti-intellectual  -anti-Christian – clueless – man-child – vindictive – malignant – malevolent – miscreant – pro-authoritarian – Putin puppet – ethno-nationalist – obnoxious – vermin – desecrated – degraded – denigrated – cynical.

Some Choice Phrases

“No shame, no honor, no conscience, no knowledge, no curiosity, no decorum, no imagination, no wit, no grip, and no nous” – “No president in my lifetime has been surrounded by such a populous crowd of scammers, grifters and shameless opportunists” – “He has bragged about using bankruptcy laws to exploit his investors” – “This is an existential constitutional crisis,” says historian Jon Meacham, “because it’s quite possible that the president of the United States right now is a witting or at least partially witting agent of a foreign power.” – Trump revels in creating constant crises because it gets him the money, power, deregulation, and judges he wants.

America’s Fate in Hands of Isakson, Perdue, Other GOP Senators. Prognosis Is Dire.

Let it never be forgot: the Republican majority in Congress are as guilty as Trump for letting the shutdown of the federal government continue. They could bring a measure to end the shutdown to a vote and override a Trump veto any time they choose to do so.

Instead, Senate Leader McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan–and their minions like Senators Isakson and Perdue and Representatives  like Karen Handel and Barry Loudermilk–continue to do what they do best: spend their day kissing Donald Trump’s behind and passing laws that benefit the rich. They do the former in order to accomplish the latter. And in the process, the American people in general, and federal workers in particular, be damned.

In a three days, the Democrats will take control of the House. They will be overjoyed to take steps to end our long nightmare of an incompetent, chaotic, debased Trump Administration. The onus for continuing the horror show will fall squarely on the 53  Republicans in the United States Senate. Will Mitch McConnell, Johnny Isakson, and David Perdue rise to the occasion, crawl out of their coward’s cave, and for the first time in their political life, do what’s best for the country?

I’m not holding my breath.

Trump Mimics Terrorists by Using Gov Shutdown as Blackmail.

A national newspaper recently published an editorial saying there is an obvious compromise to resolve the impasse over the shutdown of the federal government: Republicans support the Democrats’ proposal for solving the DACA children issue and Democrats provide $5 billion to build Trump’s wall.

IndieDems comment:

The Washington Post editorial board has become the last bastion of Inside-the-Capital-Beltway think. The facts prove it: we are not facing a crisis of criminals, rapists, drug smugglers, and human traffickers on the southern border. Trump and his Republican cabal are using a totally false argument. And whatever the problem, a wall will not solve it.

The American people are united in opposing the wall more than on any other major issue. A majority of Americans have never ever voted for anyone to build the damn thing. And many of those who might have, did so on the promise that Mexico would pay for it.

The 2018 elections constituted a total rejection of Trump on this issue. And only the blinkered thinking of  the beltway super minority would dismiss billions for this monstrosity as some sort of paltry sum. Even $2 billion would pay for the school supplies of every K-12 student in America or pay the prenatal cost for hundreds of thousands of expectant mothers, or both and more.

In short: Donald Trump and his isolated Republican wing nuts are practicing flagrant blackmail by employing presidential power to close down the government in order to thwart the will of the American people. That is the absolute essence of what Republicans are doing. This naked, anti-democratic blackmail cannot be allowed to succeed. It is not, as the Post blindly claims, a case of compromise on an issue. The survival of democratic government under law is at stake.

GOP Senators’ Sycophancy Toward Trump Blocks Legislative Compromise

In a recent exchange in the media, one participant suggested that Democrats should go around Trump and negotiate directly with Republican Senators to put an end to the federal government shutdown.

IndieDems comment: What legerdemain of contorted reasoning leads anyone to the conclusion that the Republicans in the Senate will ever negotiate separately from Donald Trump? The last two years have proven beyond the shadow of a doubt: Senate (and House) Republicans–like Johnny Isakson and David Perdue–are the most absolute lap-dog sycophantic lackeys of Donald Trump. They are also cowards, totally lacking the courage to challenge him, even if they privately voice their disagreement with him.

There is one point about current American politics that is accepted as gospel truth by every politician, TV commentator, and editorial writer in the country: Republican politicians, like Isakson and Perdue,  live in mortal fear of offending Trump. They know that one Tweet from Trump could provoke a GOP primary challenge and end their career overnight.

The 2018 elections only reinforced Trump’s near dictatorial control over the Republican Party. The Republicans who dared criticize him either saw the hand writing on the wall and announced they would not seek re-election, or ran and lost. And the winners who added to the GOP majority in the Senate are the most cringing Trump butt-kissers of all! Trump has purged the Republican Party the way Stalin used The Terror to purge the Communist Party.

Congressional Republicans will never reach a compromise with Democrats based on rational debate and a Democratic willingness to meet them half way. Republicans will do what their master tells them to do, especially on the wall, unless and until their own re-election is imperiled. And thanks mainly to gerrymandering, we are far, far from that day.