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The Horrendous Impact of Trump’s Deregulated Rapacious Capitalism

And Georgia Republicans like Senators Johnny Isakson and David Perdue, Representative Barry Loudermilk, and governor-elect Brian Kemp could not give less of  tinker’s damn.
On the American Worker

Recent headline:

As a grocery chain is dismantled, investors recover their money. Worker pensions are short millions.

Here is Republican capitalism in full flower. A business goes bankrupt. Corporate owners and executives take their share of the money and run—leaving workers holding the bag. Another example of the truth of the old cliché: Republicans believe in socialism for the rich, and capitalism for the middle class and the poor. In other words, for the rest of us.

And, of course, this type of government and corporate culture has reached new heights under the Trump/Isakson Administration. This is what Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and Johnny Isakson have devoted their political lives to achieving: the ability of corporate America to achieve more and more wealth while leaving less and less for the rest of us—with as little government regulation and taxes as possible.

Remember Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate in 2012? This is exactly how he made his millions.

The ugly demise of the Marsh Supermarket chain is what Republicans are applauding when they praise Trump’s success in doing away with government regulation. Maximizing corporate America’s opportunity to treat average Americans like specks of dust while minimizing the average American’s ability to do anything about gladdens Republicans’ hearts and souls. It lies at the core of the Republican assertion that the smaller the role of government, the better off America will be.

On Our Health

Americans will not only suffer the consequences of rapacious Republican capitalism as it produces a greater and greater inequality of wealth. It fuels the Republican effort to undermine and ultimately do away with Obamacare, thereby lowering Americans’ medical care. The most horrendous impact will be on Americans’ health, as Trump’s rollback of EPA regulations pours more and more pollution into the environment—all for the sole purpose of enriching corporate profits, especially for the coal industry.

And looming overall is Trump and his yahoo Republicans’ denial that climate change is a problem, based on their abandonment of scientific facts. Good news: Republicans like Trump and Senator Isakson are becoming increasingly isolated on this issue, as shown in the latest Wall St. Journal/NBC poll: Polling: Consensus Emerges in Climate Change Debate.  The most significant finding:

What more about Republicans needs to be said?

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What Do GA Republicans Look for in a President? Liar/racist/xenophobe/sexist/immoral/Etc.

After two years, the words spoken by normal Americans to respond to Trump’s daily assault on truth, honor, civility, and America’s basic moral and democratic values risk sounding like clichés, out of sheer repetition. To help add variety, Indie Dems thought it would help if we compiled a list of many of the words that have been used to describe him, from which to pick and choose on any one day.

As you read, remember: these words describe the qualities that Georgia Republicans look for in choosing a president. A person whom these words accurately describe is the type of person people like Senators Johnny Isakson and David Perdue, and Representatives Barry Loudermilk and Karen Handel, eagerly support as their president and want to be re-elected.

Words to Describe Donald Trump

Liar – congenital liar – serial liar – racist – xenophobe – sexist – misogynist – bully – demagogue – serial adulterer – incompetent – narcissistic – hedonistic – amoral – immoral – unhinged – uncivil – hypocrite – fraud – morally and intellectually bankrupt – nepotism – coward – erratic – impulsive – hysterical – inciter of violence – crude – cruel – caravan of chaos – chaotic – chaos-creating – corrupt – corrosive – malfeasance – dishonest – non-functioning – no decency – indecent – unprincipled -no honor – no shame – shameless – vulgar – venal – boorish – coarse – selfish – undignified – slanderous – uninformed – anti-democratic – anti-intellectual  -anti-Christian – clueless – man-child – vindictive – malignant – malevolent – miscreant – pro-authoritarian – Putin puppet – ethno-nationalist – obnoxious – vermin – desecrated – degraded – denigrated – cynical.

Some Choice Phrases

“No shame, no honor, no conscience, no knowledge, no curiosity, no decorum, no imagination, no wit, no grip, and no nous” – “No president in my lifetime has been surrounded by such a populous crowd of scammers, grifters and shameless opportunists” – “He has bragged about using bankruptcy laws to exploit his investors” – “This is an existential constitutional crisis,” says historian Jon Meacham, “because it’s quite possible that the president of the United States right now is a witting or at least partially witting agent of a foreign power.” – Trump revels in creating constant crises because it gets him the money, power, deregulation, and judges he wants.

America’s Fate in Hands of Isakson, Perdue, Other GOP Senators. Prognosis Is Dire.

Let it never be forgot: the Republican majority in Congress are as guilty as Trump for letting the shutdown of the federal government continue. They could bring a measure to end the shutdown to a vote and override a Trump veto any time they choose to do so.

Instead, Senate Leader McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan–and their minions like Senators Isakson and Perdue and Representatives  like Karen Handel and Barry Loudermilk–continue to do what they do best: spend their day kissing Donald Trump’s behind and passing laws that benefit the rich. They do the former in order to accomplish the latter. And in the process, the American people in general, and federal workers in particular, be damned.

In a three days, the Democrats will take control of the House. They will be overjoyed to take steps to end our long nightmare of an incompetent, chaotic, debased Trump Administration. The onus for continuing the horror show will fall squarely on the 53  Republicans in the United States Senate. Will Mitch McConnell, Johnny Isakson, and David Perdue rise to the occasion, crawl out of their coward’s cave, and for the first time in their political life, do what’s best for the country?

I’m not holding my breath.

Trump Mimics Terrorists by Using Gov Shutdown as Blackmail.

A national newspaper recently published an editorial saying there is an obvious compromise to resolve the impasse over the shutdown of the federal government: Republicans support the Democrats’ proposal for solving the DACA children issue and Democrats provide $5 billion to build Trump’s wall.

IndieDems comment:

The Washington Post editorial board has become the last bastion of Inside-the-Capital-Beltway think. The facts prove it: we are not facing a crisis of criminals, rapists, drug smugglers, and human traffickers on the southern border. Trump and his Republican cabal are using a totally false argument. And whatever the problem, a wall will not solve it.

The American people are united in opposing the wall more than on any other major issue. A majority of Americans have never ever voted for anyone to build the damn thing. And many of those who might have, did so on the promise that Mexico would pay for it.

The 2018 elections constituted a total rejection of Trump on this issue. And only the blinkered thinking of  the beltway super minority would dismiss billions for this monstrosity as some sort of paltry sum. Even $2 billion would pay for the school supplies of every K-12 student in America or pay the prenatal cost for hundreds of thousands of expectant mothers, or both and more.

In short: Donald Trump and his isolated Republican wing nuts are practicing flagrant blackmail by employing presidential power to close down the government in order to thwart the will of the American people. That is the absolute essence of what Republicans are doing. This naked, anti-democratic blackmail cannot be allowed to succeed. It is not, as the Post blindly claims, a case of compromise on an issue. The survival of democratic government under law is at stake.

GOP Senators’ Sycophancy Toward Trump Blocks Legislative Compromise

In a recent exchange in the media, one participant suggested that Democrats should go around Trump and negotiate directly with Republican Senators to put an end to the federal government shutdown.

IndieDems comment: What legerdemain of contorted reasoning leads anyone to the conclusion that the Republicans in the Senate will ever negotiate separately from Donald Trump? The last two years have proven beyond the shadow of a doubt: Senate (and House) Republicans–like Johnny Isakson and David Perdue–are the most absolute lap-dog sycophantic lackeys of Donald Trump. They are also cowards, totally lacking the courage to challenge him, even if they privately voice their disagreement with him.

There is one point about current American politics that is accepted as gospel truth by every politician, TV commentator, and editorial writer in the country: Republican politicians, like Isakson and Perdue,  live in mortal fear of offending Trump. They know that one Tweet from Trump could provoke a GOP primary challenge and end their career overnight.

The 2018 elections only reinforced Trump’s near dictatorial control over the Republican Party. The Republicans who dared criticize him either saw the hand writing on the wall and announced they would not seek re-election, or ran and lost. And the winners who added to the GOP majority in the Senate are the most cringing Trump butt-kissers of all! Trump has purged the Republican Party the way Stalin used The Terror to purge the Communist Party.

Congressional Republicans will never reach a compromise with Democrats based on rational debate and a Democratic willingness to meet them half way. Republicans will do what their master tells them to do, especially on the wall, unless and until their own re-election is imperiled. And thanks mainly to gerrymandering, we are far, far from that day.

Republicans, like Johnny Isakson, Hell Bent on Maintaining Trump’s Chaotic, Incompetent, Corrupt Regime

Trump may be physically alone, but he is far from being politically alone. He is solidly backed by the whole damn Republican Party. O.K., 80 to 90 percent of them. Plus, he has an overwhelming majority of Republican lap dogs supporting him in the United States Congress. Just about every one of those Congressional Republicans are cringing cowards who live in mortal fear they might offend Der Fuh–, uh–the president and thereby risk getting re-elected. The handful of sitting Republican dissidents will not be back in the new Congress.

Let it never be forgot. Donald Trump alone did not give us what we’ve got in Washington. What we are witnessing is how Republicans govern. It’s Republican government, full throttle.

The incompetence, chaos, and corruption is being brought to you by the Republican Party. And they have absolutely no shame about what they have wrought. On the contrary. The more unhinged and malevolent Trump becomes, the more Republicans rally to his support. They want to re-elect him, a position voiced loudly even by the supposedly “independent” Nikki Haley.

And that is all you need to know about Republicans. Most certainly, about Nikki Haley, the world’s most prominent female enabler of the misogynist, sexist Trump.

Republican Senators Like Isakson, Perdue Now Chief Prop of Trump’s Failed Presidency

The Washington Post in a recent editorial posited that with Mattis’ departure as Secretary of Defense, Congress should be the last line of defense against Trump’s growing chaos, depredations, and unhinged behavior. IndieDems comment:

The Post is dead-on in concluding that Congressional Republicans are the only people who can put an end to the Trump disaster—which is sure to grow worse over the net two years if he’s left in power.

But in about two weeks, we can be even more specific. America’s fate will be in the hands of Republican Senators—Democrats in the House will be eager to do their duty and impeach the unfit, unhinged president. And so far, the Republicans who will control the Senate are proving themselves to be no different than the current feckless bunch of yahoos and cowards who more aggressively lick Trump’s feet the more outrageous he becomes.

Paul Ryan deserves note. Revisionist history usually takes a more favorable attitude toward some politician. My prediction: history will not only not be more forgiving of Ryan, it will judge him much more harshly. History will show Ryan to be one of the most contemptible people ever to hold high office, a hollow man and a world-class coward who betrayed his country on the altar of sucking up to the rich by fighting single-mindedly for more tax cuts for them—and the American people be damned.

But most of all, Ryan will be remembered for spending the last two years of his Speakership being nothing but a simpering lap dog for the worst president America ever had. That will be the capstone of his legacy. If Ryan is lucky, he will occupy a position in history about one rung above Joseph McCarthy and Spiro Agnew. More likely, he will be placed in the muck beside them.

Media Keep Fueling the Nikki Haley Myth

Why, oh why, do commentators keep trying to make a hero out of Nikki Haley? Nikki Haley has been one of Trump’s most slavish lap dogs, a veritable puppet. Please, let’s make it mandatory that when Haley is said to have shown “flashes of independence,” specific examples are cited. Do random pieces of verbiage really constitute one iota of independence?

The most those hollow words will show is someone trying to have her cake and eat it too—in Haley’s case, sucking up to the Trumpists while hitting him with anodyne knuckle raps to show her “independence” to the broader audience she will need when she runs for office. To me, that simply defines Haley as a world class hypocrite and coward.

If Haley has any problem with the wrecking ball Trump has taken to our our foreign policy, why in the hell has she not resigned in protest? You know, like Jim Mattis. Or stood on her principles until fired, like Tillerson, McMaster, Kelly? Why did she ever go to work for Trump to begin with?

There is one fact, and one fact only, that shows Haley for the hypocritical coward that she is. Even after announcing her year-end resignation, she looked the American people in the eye and firmly declared she wanted Trump to be president for six more years. What is all this crud about Haley’s “independence”?

General Mattis Shames Sen. Perdue’s Craven Support for Donald Trump

(Editor’snote: Readers will note we are repeating this post but using different Georgia Republicans as the subject. Rather than lump them altogether, we figured each warranted individual attention on the occasion when they ended up at odds with former Secretary of Defense, General Jim Mattis, for their lap dog support for Trump’s disastrous foreign policies.)

Dear Senator Perdue,

I have chronicled the disservice you have done to your country and the desecration of your office by your lap-dog support for Donald Trump. You have supported Trump and his fellow Republicans’ wholesale assault on the Constitution, the rule of law, America’s basic moral and democratic values—and on common human decency. (See below for links to our prior postings)

You reached a new low when you stood by Trump in the 2018 elections, as he waged an overtly racist and xenophobic campaign, fueled by hate-mongering, fear-mongering, and race-baiting. David Perdue gave not a damn as Trump talked about Hispanic migrants the way Hitler talked about the Jews. 

Of course, Senator Perdue, you have not bothered to respond to my criticism. But after all, I am only one of your constituents, and, to you, not a particularly important one, since I do not contribute to your campaign chest. Besides, I’m probably just one more Democrat/liberal/progressive unleashing standard fare against another noble Republican.

But overnight, we have been given a whole new standard by which to judge Trump-worshipping politicians like you. It was delivered by General Jim Mattis, in a letter he wrote on December 20 announcing his resignation as Secretary of Defense in protest of President Trump’s decision to withdraw American forces from Syria and Trump’s rejection of international alliances.

To put it as bluntly and succinctly as possible, Senator Perdue: General Mattis confirms everything I ever said about you.

The letter is a stunning rebuke of everything you and Donald Trump stand for—and a rousing affirmation of everything I, and the overwhelming majority of Americans, stand for. Let me quote from the New York Times report:

  • Mr. Mattis’ resignation letter was the sharpest, and most public, protest from inside the Trump administration over the president’s rejection of the alliances and relationships that have underpinned American security since the end of World War II.
  • …it condemned Mr. Trump’s approach to the world as destructive to American influence and power.
  • He said the core of American national interests lay in “providing effective leadership to our alliances,” and specifically described the importance of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a defense alliance Mr. Trump has often derided. Mr. Mattis also praised the “Defeat ISIS” coalition that Mr. Trump just abandoned in Syria.
  • But Mr. Mattis’ core complaint was that Mr. Trump had lost sight of the importance of the competition for global power with Russia and China, who want “a world consistent with their authoritarian model.” (Read Jim Mattis’ Letter to Trump: Full Text)

In short, Senator Perdue, General Mattis looked at you and said “David Perdue has no clothes.” You stand nakedly revealed, Senator, as someone who has betrayed his country by your boot-licking support of Donald Trump. Exactly as I have been telling you for the past two years. And specifically noted in past postings on this blog:

Georgia’s U.S. Senators Isakson and Perdue Swim Happily in Trump’s Sewer

Senator Perdue: Stop Betraying Your Country over Russia
Isakson, Perdue, Handel, and Loudermilk’s Betrayal 0f America Nakedly Revealed

David Perdue betrayed his country and besmirched and desecrated his office by supporting an incompetent, inept, ill-informed, narcissistic, racist, misogynist, bullying, congenital liar to be President of the United States.

Senator Perdue, you become more inscrutable by the minute. Since Mattis released his letter on three days ago, one United States Senator and Congressman after another has spoken or written in support of him. But David Perdue is once more nowhere to be seen or heard.

And God forbid, Senator Perdue, that you would seek some element of redemption by taking the only step a United States Senator can take to save America from Donald Trump: immediately announce your support for Trump to be impeached and removed from office as soon as possible.

Have you lost your moral conscience, Senator Perdue—or did you just never have one to begin with?


December 20, 2018, was a watershed date in America for more than Mattis’ resignation:

Trump & Republicans* Give Green Light to Slaughter of Our Kurdish Allies

President Trump and his Republican supporters* have become active enablers of a murderous attack  Turkey is preparing against its minority Kurds. In fact, we now know that Trump decided to withdraw from Syria—and abandon our staunch Kurdish allies—after Turkish President Erdogan told him to get U.S. forces out of the way of the planned Turkish offensive. Erdogan delivered the order to Trump in a phone call on December 14—a call arranged by Secretary of State Pompeo and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis in order for Trump to tell Erdogan to back off.  

Trump’s withdrawal decision, of course, provoked Mattis to resign and issue a stinging letter of rebuke denouncing Trump’s national security policies.

This generation of Americans will live in infamy if it stands by and does nothing while the Kurds are brutally suppressed. The Kurds have been our main on-the-ground Muslim allies in the fight against ISIS. They have sacrificed more lives and expended more military resources in the past few years helping the United States against our enemies than Israel has spent in all its history. Abandoning the Kurds in the way Trump and the Republicans are doing is the same as if we suddenly turned our back on Israel.

The history of Kurds’ relations with the U.S. has been one of friendship and alliances followed by Washington’s betrayal. The Kurds were on our side in the war against Saddam Hussein—only to have the U.S. abandon them as they tried to work out a relationship with the post-Hussein Baghdad regimes in Baghdad.

The immorality of Trump’s betrayal is matched by the practical, permanent, and major  damage it will do to long-term U.S. foreign relations worldwide. What country or group will ever again trust the United States?  This dire consequence is what Mattis had in mind when he said in his letter:

“One core belief I have always held is that our strength as a nation is inextricably linked to the strength of our unique and comprehensive system of alliances and partnerships. While the US remains the indispensable nation in the free world, we cannot protect our interests or serve that role effectively without maintaining strong alliances and showing respect to those allies.”

The Trump and Republicans’* betrayal of the Kurds is despicable. It is beneath the dignity of the United States. Contact your United States Senators and Congresspersons and tell them to force Trump to reverse his decision.

*Including Senators Johnny Isakson and David Perdue and Representatives Barry Loudermilk and Karen Handel