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The New Roseanne: Remember When Saying ‘Martin Luther Coon’ Was Funny?

The Washington Post on April 4 published an article by Gary Abernathy, “I don’t care if ‘Roseanne’ is pro-Trump. I just hope it’s pro-civility.” In addition to being a Post columnist, Abernathy is publisher and editor of the Hillsboro (Ohio) Times-Gazette. He is a leading apologist for Donald Trump’s corrupt and immoral regime that has abandoned any semblance of regard for God’s Commandments or Jesus’ Golden Rule. Here is my comment:
What a crock of horse manure. I long ago anointed Gary Abernathy as America’s chief yahoo, and this column proves my choice beyond the shadow of a doubt. Yes, I’m a Democrat, but my horror at what Trump is doing to this country long ago ceased to have anything to do with partisan politics.
I am appalled at the level of pure racism, sexism, ignorance, anti-intellectualism, and xenophobia Trump has unleashed, his toxic vulgarity and crudeness that wage a war against our basic democratic and moral values and against common human decency.
Most of all, I am outraged at how Trump and his Republican lackeys, like Abernathy, have abandoned God’s 10 Commandments and Jesus’ Golden Rule to make a bullying coward President. Every day, Trump literally spits on God’s Commandments against lying and against committing adultery. And name me a single Trump tweet or public utterance that reflects “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
What a gross act of deliberate hypocrisy and dishonesty Abernathy commits by asserting that Roseanne’s show is a case of pitting liberal vs. conservative values. Unless, of course, Abernathy is admitting that conservatives value:
  • Packing innocent DACA  children into boxcars and shipping them back across the border into countries they have never known
  • Telling the flagrant lie that Obama was not a native-born American
  • Demeaning the military service of John McCain
  • Bragging about sexually assaulting women and calling them bimbos
  • Pardoning the thug Joe Arpaio and supporting a child sex pervert to be a U.S. Senator
  • Using ethnic slurs against Americans as well as foreigners
  • Calling his own daughter a “piece of ass”
  • Inciting his followers to violence.
Go right ahead, Mr. Abernathy. Keep telling us that all the above, and much more, is knee-slappingly funny to you conservatives. Reminds me of the day you could say “Martin Luther coon” and get a good laugh.

Christians Choose Trump over 10 Commandments, Golden Rule

America’s religious leaders and their ignorant yahoo followers who are apologists for Trump can dodge and weave all they want, the truth become more apparent every day: they have abandoned God’s Commandments about lies and adultery in order to accommodate Donald Trump’s lies and adultery. Leaders of our mainstream Christian Denominations are proving they are hypocrites and cafeteria Christians.

If our pastors, reverends, priests, and bishops want to have any credibility, they must address Trump’s treatment of the 10 Commandments and the Golden Rule with the same words and fervor with which they speak of abortion and homosexuality. Mike Pence, Orrin Hatch, and Mitt Romney should join in.

Besides Trump, Evangelical Leaders Face sex Scandals of Their Own

In an age of Trump and Stormy Daniels, evangelical leaders face sex scandals of their own

(Excerpts) As white evangelicals have been some of President Trump’s staunchest defenders, a handful of their leaders find themselves contending with a problem all too familiar to the commander in chief: a sex scandal.

  • At least four leaders in the evangelical movement have been accused of violating the tenets of their faith, from adultery to sexual abuse.
  • Now some observers wonder whether evangelicals are experiencing a repeat of the scandals that led to the downfall of several well-known televangelists in the 1980s.
  • Russell Moore, who leads an important commission in the Southern Baptist Convention, said: “I think there’s a growing — but not fast enough — realization in church life of the way that power can easily be abused in predatory ways, especially spiritual power.”
  • Late last year, Paul Pressler, who helped lead a conservative takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention…was accused of sexually abusing a young man for several decades, starting when the alleged victim was 14.
  • Frank Page, president and chief executive of the SBC’s executive committee, recently announced his resignation because of an “inappropriate relationship.”

Other accused include:

  • Bill Hybels, who co-founded Willow Creek, one of the nation’s largest churches. He has denied the accusations.
  • Earlier this year, a woman said Andy Savage, a megachurch pastor in Memphis, sexually assaulted her 20 years ago, when…Savage was a youth pastor in Texas. After he addressed his congregation, apologized and asked for forgiveness, it applauded him. He has since resigned.

Rachael Denhollander, the first woman to make allegations against sports physician Larry Nassar, has more since focused on speaking out about sexual-abuse allegations in Sovereign Grace Churches, a network of congregations mostly based across the United States.

These recent instances echo those of past years, including:

  • Ted Haggard, who was once a megachurch pastor and president of the National Association of Evangelicals, resigned in 2006 after a male prostitute said Haggard had paid him for sex. Haggard now leads a church in Colorado Springs.
  • In the 1980s, sexual and financial scandals involving televangelists Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart and Paul Crouch sent shock waves through the evangelical world. All three continued in smaller versions of their ministries.

Megachurch pastor accused of defrauding people out of more than $1 million

A Texas megachurch pastor stands accused of using his influence to lure “vulnerable and elderly” people into a financial scheme that caused some to lose their life savings.

Rev. Kirbyjon H. Caldwell, the pastor of Windsor Village United Methodist Church in Houston, is facing federal charges of defrauding investors out of more than $1 million using obsolete Chinese bonds

The U.S. Attorney’s office claims Caldwell used his status as pastor of the Houston church to help gain investors’ trust.

Georgia Republicans Welcome Dr. Strangelove as National Security Chief

President Trump has selected right-wing hawk John Bolton as his new National Security Adviser. Bolton’s chief credential for the job is his role as a Fox News commentator, the only people Trump listens to for guidance on foreign and domestic policies. In his career as a proponent of extremist foreign policies, Bolton has gained a legitimate reputation as someone right out of Dr. Strangelove.

Bolton has advocated a preemptive war as the only way to prevent North Korea from obtaining the capability to attack the United States with a nuclear missile. He touted “the legal case for striking North Korea first” in an editorial in the Wall Street Journal and has dismissed negotiations with North Korea as a waste of time.

Bolton has been even more hawkish than Trump on Iran, pushing for the president to withdraw from the nuclear agreement that the United States and five other world powers reached with Tehran during the Obama administration.

  • In January, Bolton told Fox News that Trump should dump the nuclear deal, reimpose economic sanctions on Tehran, and work toward an overthrow of the government there.
  • He similarly called for bombing Iran in a New York Times editorial in 2015. “Our goal should be regime change in Iran.”

Bolton for years also has espoused bringing about regime change in North Korea, saying it would be a good idea for South Korea to “take control” of North Korea.

My comments: Bolton’s “policies” are so over-the-top, off-the-wall lunacy, to even analyze them would give them more than their due. My concerns are more local and prosaic: the response of Georgia Republicans to the fact they have given the United States an Administration hell bent to take us into an unnecessary war that would make GW Bush’s Iraq war debacle look like child’s play.

In particular, I focus on the reaction of Georgia’s Republican Congressional delegation, spearheaded by Senators Isakson and Perdue and Representatives Handel and Loudermilk—and their staffs. Surely, we will hear a “whoosh” as Trump’s Georgia Republicans rush out of their comfortable homes and offices to get to the recruiting office to make sure they are in the front ranks of the soldiers who will be fighting the Trump/Bolton war that is coming soon.

And we have every right in the world to label as coward any Trump supporter eligible for service in our armed forces who is not wearing a uniform. 

Unfortunately, Georgia Republicans are more likely, once more, to be willing to sacrifice the lives of tens of thousands, if not millions, of innocent human beings before they are thrown in the dustbin of history. Like the Nazis.

Bolton’s appointment has given new proof that Trump’s Republican Administration is a mirror image of Hitler’s in the 1930s, i.e, before the war and the Holocaust, but long after Hitler’s intentions had become abundantly clear.

Call up the office of your Republican Senator and Congressperson. Ask the staffer who answers how many of the Senator’s/Representative’s relatives will die or be wounded or maimed in the war Trump and Bolton will unleash.

Ask the staffer whether he/she or any their fellow staffers ever served in the armed forces of the United States. If not, ask them when they intend to get to the recruiting office, now that the Republicans have put the U.S. on a war footing.

I’m serious. I’m deadly serious. Make that call.

You might also contact the office of Senator Lindsey Graham who publicly praised Bolton’s appointment.  “Pray tell us, Senator. Which of your relatives are going to die in the war Trump and Bolton will unleash? We know for darn sure it won’t be you, don’t we. What a pluperfect armchair warrior you are.”

It’s a done deal, my friend. The Republican Party is now the far right wing, and Republicans will follow Trump and Bolton into war and be willing to sacrifice the last of your children to fight it. That is the horror we and the world now face. The November elections are our only hope, and we may not make it.

The appointment of the war-mongering Bolton, a character right out of Dr. Strangelove, smashes to bits any excuse that a booming economy will justify a vote for Republicans in November. Of course, a 700 point drop in the DJIA last week shows even the economy might not survive Trump and his clueless Republicans.

Bolton’s appointment removes any sliver of hope that Trump is not an insane fool or that Republicans will be able to govern this country. And let there be no doubt: Republicans like Isakson, Perdue, Loudermilk, and Handel gave us this idiot with eyes wide open and continue to worship at his feet.

Conservatives Denounce Trump

Prominent American conservatives are among the most severe critics of Donald Trump. Here is a sampling of their commentary.

David Frum

A Conservative’s Case Against Donald Trump

(Excerpt) Frum argues in his new book “Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Republic” that the president is a menace to the Republic.


Michael Steele, former Chairman, Republican National Committee

‘I don’t know what the hell happened’: Michael Steele on the GOP under Trump

(Excerpt) ““That’s right, baby, I built that bad boy (the Tea Party) out of steel,” Steele told me in the latest episode of “Cape Up.” “Now, having done that, I can’t help it if they went inside and started tearing up the floorboards and knocking out the windows, and crapping all over the house.”


Jennifer Rubin

Nothing the GOP won’t sacrifice at the altar of Trump

(Excerpt) “The GOP shows no spine in defending democratic norms.”

Republican response to Trump’s assault on the Justice Department: A collective yawn

(Excerpt) “Once again, GOP “leaders” seek to normalize Trump, not combat the erosion of democratic institutions.”


Michael Gerson

The Trump evangelicals have lost their gag reflex

(Excerpt) The level of cynicism here is startling. Some Christian leaders

are surrendering the idea that character matters in public life

in direct exchange for political benefits to Christians themselves.

It is a political maneuver indistinguishable from those performed

by business or union lobbyists every day. Only seedier. You scratch

my back, I’ll wink at dehumanization and Stormy Daniels. The gag

reflex is entirely gone.


Lawrence Ware

Why I’m Leaving the Southern Baptist Convention

(Excerpt) “I am a minister, and black lives matter to me. I am not confident they matter to the convention.”


A pastor lights into President Trump — with Vice President Pence sitting in the front pew

(Excerpt) The Rev. Maurice Watson issued a stern and very public rebuke of President Trump’s Oval Office comments about immigrants from “shithole countries.”


The new and improved Bible for evangelical Trump supporters