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Another Self-righteous Christian in High Office?

Today’s headlines:

Trump expected to nominate Amy Coney Barrett to fill Ginsburg seat 

I taught and worked with Amy Coney Barrett. Here’s what people get wrong about her faith. By John Garvey, president of the Catholic University of America, a former dean of the Boston College Law School and a former president of the Association of American Law Schools.

IndieDems Comment:

The idea that religion provides an anchor for leading a moral life has been blown to bits by America’s experience under Donald Trump and his Republican “Christian” know-nothings. My questions: How in God’s name can anyone claim to be a Christian and support a President who lives in willful, even gleeful defiance of two of God’s commandments, the ones that say thou shalt not bear false witness or commit adultery? And quote me at least three Trump tweets that reflect the spirit of “love thy neighbor as thyself.”

I’ll avoid philosophy and theology and get down to facts about why I oppose people like Amy Barrett being appointed judges, much less SCOTUS justices. I grew up in the South when segregation reigned supreme. Every rabid segregationist who ever lived thought like Barrett. Every one of them believed that the Holy Spirit moved within them and instructed them to maintain segregation and discrimination against blacks. Every segregationist attended church on Sunday and believed God and Jesus approved what they were doing.

Every segregationist was a self-righteous prick who believed they inhabited some moral universe beyond the understanding of ordinary human beings. Not a single one of them had enough brains to figure out they were a hypocrite who was using religion to legitimize their hateful, wrongful, criminal acts.

See those people gathered around a lynched black man laughing and smiling, or wielding a club to beat the hell out of people on the Edmund Pettus bridge? God-fearing, Jesus-loving Christians all.

Want to know who else thought like Amy Barrett? Try the Nazis and Germans who sent 6 million human beings to concentration camps and the gas chambers because Jesus told them it was OK. Same for people who hunted down witches and burned them at the stake. (God in the Bible explicitly instructs his followers to do so). Same for those who carried out the Inquisition.

I do not understand this recusal stuff. The United States Constitution explicitly forbids decisions based on someone’s religious beliefs. Why would anyone who believes their choices are ipso facto the will of God be a judge to begin with? Could someone be a Communist and be appointed to the SCOTUS, declaring to recuse themselves when a case involved Communists? A member of the American Nazi Party? A member of the Ku Klux Klan?

Our Founding Fathers knew what they were doing. Listen to them.

The Republican Chain of Command Runs Directly from Joe McCarthy to Trump

Larry Tye, the author of the book “Demagogue: The Life and Long Shadow of Senator Joe McCarthy,” in the Washington Post recently examined the McCarthy era in light of our current political turmoil: Five Myths about McCarthyism.

IndieDems Comment:

The media’s neglect of the direct line connecting Trump to Joe McCarthy and McCarthyism via McCarthy’s chief aide Roy Cohn is a major factor in the media’s nurturing of Trump. The media ought to be reminding us of it daily—since Trump employs McCarthy/Cohn’s tactics daily. But we are left with a media that glosses over the truth by leaving it up to rare commentary like this to make the point.

As Trump in 2017 began to be engulfed by the Stormy Daniels Affair, Russiagate, and AG Sessions’ recusal from the Russia investigation, Trump shouted “Where’s my Roy Cohn.” Cohn had been one of the young Donald Trump’s most influential mentors, teaching him loads about how to be a ruthless, immoral con artist and flim-flam man.

The media briefly noted Trump’s wailing for his old adviser—and then dropped the story. Why? It was one of the most revealing incidents in Trump’s political career. It proved conclusively that Trump lived in the sewer of our political life and would use lies, demagoguery, libel, slander, and insults to exercise power. Three years prove what a devoted disciple of McCarthy and Cohn that Trump is.

And here’s the other aspect of the story the media continue to ignore. The current Republican chain of command runs from McCarthy, to Cohn, to Trump—and then directly to 99 percent of all Republican office holders and candidates. We are literally living in the era of neo-McCarthyism.

Where’s My Roy Cohn?
Bully. Coward. Victim: The Story of Roy Cohn
Get Me Roger Stone segment on Roy Cohn

Republicans Endorsement of Filth Hollywood Couldn’t Get Away With

Kanye West’s personal problems have landed him and his political activism in the headlines, reminding us of his visit to the White House in 2018 to met President Trump.

I remain appalled that even commentators critical of West’s meeting with Trump in the Oval Office neglect noting the most salient fact of that meeting: West’s unabashed use of the words “mother———“ and “bull—-t.” He got a big hug from Trump after saying them, and a lot of other gibberish, too.

I don’t consider myself a prude (who does), but I find it deeply offensive that a President of the United States would welcome a foul-mouthed person into the White House and give him full approval to speak filthy language, using words that no newspaper, or any media would say or publish on their pages or broadcasts.

That incident, alone, gives us deep insight into the heart and soul of Donald Trump—and the Republicans who worship him like Germans worshiped Adolf Hitler. What a putrid mess lies beneath the surface of these neo-fascist Republicans.

(Remember the “good” people Trump saw marching through the streets of Charlottesville chanting “Jews will not replace us”?)

Right-wing Extremists Likely Fomenting Violence

To all you Republicans who are crying bloody murder about alleged leftist-inspired violence, does the following logic escape you? Look at the mass of people in any of the current demonstrations. You see law-abiding citizens exercising their right to peacefully demonstrate. Whatever violence or burning has occurred was obviously carried out by a tiny minority of people. What does it take to set a building on fire? One person?Yet, you do the highly illogical, irrational thing and hold thousands responsible for acts maybe committed by 1-10 people.

Would’t this be a more logical conclusion: pro-Trump, right-wing extremists see a golden opportunity to use the peaceful demonstrations to their advantage. They infiltrate a handful of people into Portland, Seattle, wherever, to set fires and commit violence—and then loudly beat the drums about Antifa and leftist extremist committing the violence. This would be Exercise 101 in the play book of how to spread black propaganda.

That is my very rational conclusion about what is happening. If you know I’m wrong, please, give me the names of the Antifa adherents that you have proof committed the violence. Quote the FBI or DHS reports that provide conclusive evidence of leftist instigation. Give me the names of the leaders of the groups or adherents. Tell me why no arrests have been made.

It’s The Republicans, Stupid

//Let’s Stop Giving “Good” Republicans Excuses for Supporting Trump//

Donald Trump asserts himself so brazenly onto the media stage, even the mainstream media accused of anti-Trump bias fall short of reminding us of one striking fact: it’s the Republican Party, not just Donald Trump, that has saddled us with the most immoral, Incompetent, corrupt, racist, xenophobic, misogynistic president in history.

Republicans gave us a person totally unfit to be President—and 99 percent of them not only have no shame about doing so, they remain proud of themselves for doing it!

Prominent columnists, even while criticizing Trump, fall short of getting to the core of what’s wrong with Trump’s know-nothing Republican supporters. The commentators may state, for example, that GOP Senatorial candidates stand condemned by their silence over Trump’s increasingly flagrant racist and xenophobic pronouncements–but weaken the message by giving GOP  Senators like Susan Collins an undeserved get-out-of-jail pass for at least delivering a one-time criticism for one of Trump’s racist statements.

What the mainstream commentators are missing is one simple fact that proves all GOP candidates in 2020 have given their full stamp of approval to everything Trump has said or done in his four years as president: each Republican candidate is giving Trump their 100 percent, unqualified support for his re-election.

That is all anyone needs to know about where Republicans stand on every lie, slander, libel, insult, and racist and xenophobic statement Trump has ever made. They are unstinting in wanting to give America four additional years of whatever Trump has said or done for the previous four years.

In particular, that includes Susan Collins.

Republicans Revel in Their Immorality and Incompetence

Trump’s daily display of gangsterism—consisting of lies, slander, libel, and insults—shows there are two sets of rules: one for Republicans, another for everybody else. Trump is not singlehandedly vulgarizing, coarsening, and degrading America’s political culture. It’s the fact that the Republican Party as an institution vigorously supports every word Trump speaks and every deed he commits that has taken us into a moral sewer. It’s the 85 percent of Republicans who proudly support Trump and want to re-elect him who are destroying everything America stands for.

Republicans support Trump as he wages war against God’s 10 Commandments, Jesus’ Golden Rule, the Constitution, the rule of law, our basic democratic and moral values—and against common human decency. And so far, they have gotten away with it.

We decent Americans must destroy the Republican Party the way we destroyed slavery, segregation—and Republican-supported McCarthyism. Republicans deserve no mercy.

Trump’s Legacy: Republican Bad Manners in the Gutter

News story:

A Cape Cod ice cream shop reopened — and faced harassment so bad one staffer quit

Comment: I never even buy a lottery ticket, but if the truth could be known, I would lay bets that the people engaging in this outrageous bad behavior are Republicans. You know, the people who avidly support a President for whom vulgarity and bad manners are a way of life. The Republicans whose president has

—Bragged about sexually assaulting women and called then bimbo,fat, ugly, Miss Piggy, and dog
—Mocked a handicapped person
—Constantly spewed invective, insults, slander, and libel
—Conducted a smear campaign against Amb. Marie Yovanovitch
—Just recently, referred to the people who legitimately prosecuted Michael Flynn as human scum
—Made racist statements, like saying Hispanic migrants are animals and telling Congresswomen of color to go back where they came from
—Proven himself to be a pathological liar

The above, of course, just a small sample of Trump’s assault on common human decency. For Republicans who give their stamp of approval to all this, atrociously bad behavior in an ice cream parlor is small potatoes.

Debate Sharpens Outlooks of GA Democratic Senate Candidates

DeKalb County Democrats on April 28 sponsored a debate among the Democrats running to become the Party’s nominee to run against incumbent Senator David Perdue.

Atlanta Journal and Constitution Report on the Debate

  • Most of the incoming fire targeted Jon Ossoff, a former 6th District candidate who leads the polls, and Sarah Riggs Amico, who enjoys high name recognition thanks to her bid for lieutenant governor in 2018.
  • But former Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson faced challenging questioning, too,
  • While Amico and Ossoff have largely focused on Perdue and avoided pummeling their Democratic rivals, Tomlinson has increasingly swiped at her main opponents as the June 9 primary nears.
  • Ossoff also faced fire from Maya Dillard Smith, a former ACLU of Georgia director

Georgia faces two U.S. Senate races this year, due to the resignation last year of Johnny Isakson. Governor Kemp appointed Kelly Loeffler to hold the seat this year. She faces both Republican and Democratic rivals in the November election to decide who will hold office for the remaining two years of Isakson’s term.

There will be no primary in this race. All the candidates from all parties will be listed together on the November ballot.

See our page Georgia Elections 2020 for details on who is running in both elections.

Two Stunning Indictments of GA’s Ruling Republicans

//Georgia’s morally and intellectually corrupt Republicans continue their march through Georgia//

The AJC has recently published reports on how Georgia Republicans swim well within the mainstream of Trump’s Party by not giving a damn about the suffering of our less fortunate and elderly citizens.

Rural clinic(s) scrambles to provide care amid maternal death crisis

Medicaid limit, OBGYN shortage in Georgia hamper efforts


  • The U.S.’s maternal mortality rate is among the highest of the developed world. Georgia has consistently ranked among the worst of U.S. states and more often than not – 60% of the time, according to one recent state estimate – those deaths were preventable.
  • A recent state study estimated new mothers in Georgia were 52% more likely to die in the first year after giving birth than nationally…The situation is far worse for women who live in rural parts of the state or are older than 35.
  • The most glaring disparity is by race. Black mothers in Georgia are three to four times more likely to die than white women,
  • A bipartisan state House committee that studied the deepening crisis recommend that the state extend Medicaid coverage for poor mothers–but broader budget fights threaten to sideline it this legislative session.
Audit: State failing elderly victims of abuse, neglect


  • A state audit identified damning new evidence that Georgia’s system to protect seniors and vulnerable adults from abuse, neglect and exploitation is failing and the breakdowns are causing additional harm.
  • Investigators from Georgia’s Adult Protective Services system are taking too long to respond to urgent cases
  • APS employees also were rejecting reports that should have been investigated, the audit found.
  • Failures of law enforcement to communicate with APS play prominently in the breakdowns

A Mother’s Warning: White Supremacists Are Attempting to Recruit Your Sons

//The Republican encouragement of the white supremacist agenda gains force and spreads its tentacles among teenagers.//

“A mother’s warning: If you have white teen sons, listen up …”

Joanna Schroeder has a message for parents of teen and tween white boys: If you don’t pay attention to their online lives, the white supremacists will.

“I’ve been watching my boys’ online behavior & noticed that social media and vloggers are actively laying groundwork in white teens to turn them into alt-right/white supremacists”

…”terms she tells parents to listen for include snowflake; kek, a form of “lol” that sometimes refers to an ironic white nationalist ‘religion’; cuck; chad; femenoid; beta; “Blood and Soil,” and the numbers 14 or 88, for their association with Hitler and Nazism.”

IndieDems Comment:

Does it surprise anyone that this is the legacy that Donald Trump and his Republican minions are creating for America? We have a President and a Republican Party that openly espouse racism, bigotry, and xenophobia—a President who had words of praise for neo-Nazis marching in the streets shouting “Jews will nor replace us” and uses ethnic slurs in his speeches, most prominently in his campaign speeches in 2018. A President who talks about Hispanic migrants the way Hitler talked about the Jews.

IndieDems noted early on Trump’s rise to power mirror-imaged Hitler’s rise to power in the 1930s. (See Republicans & Nazis: The Photos that Explain the Connection). The Republican mirror-imaging of the Nazis has gained substance and content throughout almost the three years of Trump’s presidency. It now leaps out at us from the daily headlines reporting Trump’s effort to get Ukraine to serve his domestic political prospects by threatening to withhold American military aid if Ukraine did not undertake an investigation of Joe Biden’s alleged involvement in Ukrainian-based corruption.

The Ukrainian imbroglio has also highlighted once more another of the key practices Trump and the Republicans have adopted right out of the fascist playbook: the flagrant and arrogant use of lies to further their agenda. Statements to a Congressional committee by a plethora of honest, truth-telling U.S. military officers and professional diplomats has exposed Trump’s lies beyond a shadow of a doubt. (See Federal Bureaucrats Are the Saviors of America)

The use of social media to lure teen-aged white males into white nationalist or outright neo-fascist organizations is an inevitable progression of the degradation of our values at the hands of the Trumpists. The Trumpists have revived and re-invigorated the mentality of the Republicans who viewed Joseph McCarthy as a hero and then proceeded to bring us the White House-based criminality and corruption of Watergate and IranContra.

Seventy years after McCarthyism, Republicans still have no morals and no shame. The only difference: there are much fewer Republican dissenters willing to speak out against the travesties of the majority. Most particularly, there is no Dwight David Eisenhower putting his stature on the side of honesty, democratic values, and common human decency.