All the Ugliness of the Trump Campaign Is on Display in Georgia

An editorial in the Washington Post on the eve of the election has nailed the fact that Georgia Republicans are leading the Republican Party’s abject descent into an extremist right-wing party under Donald Trump.

All the ugliness of the Trump campaign is on display in Georgia


  • The Republican campaign for governor in Georgia has been marked by dehumanizing immigrant phobia, invidious vote suppression, conspiratorial accusations about Democratic vote tampering, and racism.
  • In other words, it shows in microcosm the direction President Trump would take the GOP.
  • We hope voters, whether Republican, Democrat or independent, in Georgia or beyond, repudiate this ugliness on Tuesday.
  • Republicans could have chosen to campaign on issues: tax cuts, deregulation, the whittling away of Obamacare. Instead, they opted for fearmongering and deck-stacking. That suggests that Mr. Kemp and the other Trump lap dogs around the country have little faith in the value or popularity of the policies they would impose.

IndieDems Comment:

As a Georgian, let me reaffirm: you have hit every nail smack on the head. And your last paragraph gets to the core of Republicanism in Georgia. Kemp does not exist in a vacuum. Georgia Republicans, and their leaders, have become the most boot-licking lap dogs of Donald Trump in the nation. They swoon over every aspect of his racist, misogynist, nativist, xenophobic agenda and have made it their own.

In recent weeks, Georgia Republicans have embraced Trump’s flagrant appeal to hate and fearmongering, based on lies, demagoguery, and race-baiting demonizing of his opponents that rivals the speeches of Adolph Hitler.

Never forget: Georgia’s primary agents of hate are its two Senators, Johnny Isakson and David Perdue, and Representatives Barry Loudermilk and Karen Handel. They have shown they will revel in remaining Trump’s lackeys, no matter how deep into the political sewer he takes them.

Perdue said that Trump is America’s Winston Churchill. I kid you not.

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