A platform for Democrats who have strong beliefs but dislike labels like “liberal” or “moderate” or “conservative” or “populist.” Democrats who want to speak frankly about the Democratic Party and the issues without worrying about running afoul of the  self-appointed keepers of Party orthodoxy–and who may not have a clear idea these days what that is.

Welcome. My name is Tom Barksdale. I’m a lifelong Democrat and senior citizen who lives in the northwest suburbs of metro Atlanta, in an overwhelming Republican area. I’ve led two volunteer Democratic groups more or less outside the party’s formal hierarchy, and two other groups devoted, respectively, to promoting smart growth and mass transit, and to reforming a corrupt Electrical Membership Corporation.

I started this blog because I am concerned about what I see as a lack of a clear Democratic message, from the local to national level, and the lack of leadership to advance it if we had one.

But enough bio for now. The important element on this blog will be the content. It’s a work in progress, so please bear with us.

You can contact me at Tbarksdale472@gmail.com or 770-517-5993.