Month: January 2020

Fired Astro Managers, Donald Trump: Peas in a Pod

The Houston Astros fired general manager Jeff Luhnow and manager A.J. Hinch on Monday after they were caught engaging in sign stealing, a cardinal offense in baseball. Sports columnist Barry Svrluga covered the story.

IndieDems Comment:

The pluperfect similarity between Luhnow, Hinch, and the Astros, on the one hand; and Donald Trump and the Republican Party, on the other, leaps out from the page and grabs you. Put morally and intellectually corrupt individuals in charge of any organization already wallowing in the same gutter, and disaster looms. No need for me to elaborate. Svriuga spells it out:

“At least in my view, the baseball operations department’s insular culture — one that valued and rewarded results over other considerations, combined with a staff of individuals who often lacked direction or sufficient oversight, led, at least in part, to the Brandon Taubman incident, the Club’s admittedly inappropriate and inaccurate response to that incident, and finally, to an environment that allowed the conduct described in this report to have occurred.”

For “the Brandon Taubman incident,” substitute any of the following incidents: any of Trump’s 15,000 lies; demeaning John McCain’s military service; bragging about sexually insulting women; using racist slurs; mocking the handicapped, etc., etc; and you have a description of the debased culture created by Trump and his Republicans.

British Tabloids, American Republicans: Peas in a Pod

Britain has its tabloid press. America has Donald Trump. Both are purveyors of lies, slander, and insults. Both use character assassination to try to destroy the reputation of innocent people. Both have demonstrated they have no morals and no sense of common human decency. Both live every day in contemptuous defiance of God’s Commandments and Jesus’ Golden Rule.

But their mere existence dies not explain their success. Britain’s tabloid press has the British public willing to buy their debased product. Trump has Republicans who absolutely revel in Trump’s unending degradation and debasement of the Office of President and our political culture. But, have faith. The Republicans’ day of reckoning will come.

I empathize with harry and Meghan, and respect their decision. Anyone who despises the British tabloid press are friends of mine. But my ill-informed self feels they may be underestimating their loss of the aura of being members of the royal family.

I think Harry is basically a decent chap, but it was being a full-fledged prince that won him public recognition and made him a celebrity. His personal qualities and business skills had nothing to do with it. And, frankly, I doubt he and Meghan have the qualities and skills to keep them as high in the celebrity sphere as they will need to be to maintain their wealth and stardom. Meghan’s not being a Kim Kardashian is a plus for her character, but a negative for her bank account. 

My advice to them: go for the celebrity thing and make the most of it, but, the best thing you could do for your future is to take that $39 million dollars you have and invest it wisely. You need a good financial adviser more than you need a public relations shill. After all, Trump’s dad gave him less than that to get him going!