Month: December 2019

The Polarized America Myth Exculpates Republicans

Events of the past few weeks have shown beyond a doubt that the Republicans are responsible for the poisonous atmosphere that pervades our politics. The evidence is clear: Trump and his Republican minions are the morally and intellectual corrupt members of a morally and intellectually corrupt Republican Party.

The impeachment hearings, presenting the sworn testimony of honest Americans, have shown that Trump used the threat of withholding U.S. military aid to Ukraine to pressure the Ukrainians to launch a phony investigation designed to libel Joe Biden, because Trump saw him as his most likely challenger in the 2020 Presidential election.

An investigation by the Justice Department’s respected Inspector General, set in motion by Attorney General William Barr, concluded that the FBI investigation into Russian connections to the Trump 2016 campaign was legitimate and justifiable according to established DOJ standards, and was not a politically-motivated ploy to besmirch Trump. Trump and Barr responded with their own politically-inspired denunciation of the conclusions of the investigation that they themselves had directed!

Republicans, in sum, had violated the Constitution and the rule of law by making unfounded charges against the FBI for its investigation–and then doubled down on their lawlessness with lies and demagoguery denouncing an investigation conducted in full compliance with the rule of law.

But despite the unquestioned lies and chicanery of Trump and the Republicans, mainstream media continue to foster the idea that both political parties are equally guilty in creating a “polarized” and “deeply divided” America.  

The truth the media are ignoring, of course, is that Republicans initiate the problem with one more round of telling their lies and stating their racist, xenophobic, misogynistic policies, leaving Democrats with no recourse but to denounce the Republicans for what they are. Ergo, we have a “polarized” country!

It’s as if the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and the Americans retaliated by bombing Tokyo—and the media declared, “see? The Americans and the Japanese are equal war-mongers!”

Nikki Haley’s Continuing Hypocrisy

Nikki Haley in an interview with conservative political commentator Glenn Beck in early December said that the Confederate flag had meant “service, and sacrifice and heritage” to some. She stated that that the killer who gunned down nine worshipers at an African American church in Charleston in 2015 had “hijacked” the ideals many connected to the Confederate battle flag.

She followed up with an op-ed in the Washington Post, elaborating on her view that “for many people in our state, the flag stands for traditions that are noble — traditions of history, of heritage and of ancestry.”

Many critics spoke out against Haley’s viewpoint, saying that the flag represents treason and racial hatred.

IndieDems Comment:

Nikki Haley’s true colors some shining through the fog that usually surrounds them. Anyone surprised by her remarks about the Confederate flag is one of the misled millions duped by Haley’s expertly nurtured public relations image, reinforced by a gullible media who sacrificed objectivity in their eagerness to foster the phony image of a female dissenter to Trump within administration ranks.

Haley has never been anything but one more Trump lapdog. She spent her two years at the U.N. as little more than a parrot for Trump’s tweets and whatever else passed as foreign policy. Haley has avidly supported Trump’s racist, xenophobic, misogynistic policies. She plainly showed her role as Trump’s lackey on her retirement by loudly proclaiming she wanted Trump to be president for “six more years.” Nikki Haley wants to give Trump four additional years to lock up children in wire cages, destroy NATO, brag about sexually assaulting women, and call them bimbo, fat, ugly, Miss Piggy, and dog.

Not only do Trump’s lies and gross immorality and corruption trouble her not at all, Haley is currently primping to be Trump’s Vice Presidential running mate. That, of course, explains Haley’s new found reverence for the Confederate flag. She knows which way the extremist wind is blowing in the Republican Party and is adjusting her course to accommodate it.

What does Nikki Haley really believe? Read Tump’s latest tweets.